The Best Beach in Sri Lanka?

Just a quick post this time. I thought I'd talk a bit about Sri Lankan beaches. By now I'm pretty sure that you've all figured out that Hyo Jin and myself are not 'true' beach people. By that I mean we're not the kind of people who while our days away by working on our tans and sipping overpriced drinks on beach beds. In fact, we really aren't the kind of people who can lay dormant for very long at all. We love swimming and snorkeling and seeing the creatures that flourish below the surface, but that just isn't the typical Sri Lankan beach. As I've mentioned in prior posts, most of the more popular beaches in Sri Lanka are just narrow tracts of sand, mainly due to poor decisions by local beachside businesses. This makes a leisurely stroll on the beach difficult at times and not the most enjoyable most of the time. The other thing concerning Sri Lankan beaches is their surf and currents. Many of the popular beaches have pounding waves and treacherous rip currents- not ideal for swimming. However, there are a few exceptions (including Unawatuna and Mirissa for example)- you just have to go out and find them. If you are a beach person though, then none of this really matters and you will likely be happy on any of the beaches you hit up. With all this said, we do enjoy a beautiful beach, a scenic beach (a beach with calm turquoise waters, thriving corals and bountiful marine life would be nice, but this is Sri Lanka, and sadly, that doesn't exist). The good news is I think we found one for you on the southern beaches, just a few kilometers west of popular Tangalla. This one is also not ideal for swimming or snorkeling, but it does check all the other boxes. It's definitely the nicest we've found in Sri Lanka to date. But everyone has their own criteria as to what constitutes the perfect beach. This is merely our recommendation.

Hyo Jin taking in Amanwella Beach

It's called Amanwella. If you're staying on Tangalla then you can ask any tuk-tuk driver to take you there and they should know the way. If you're staying in Goyambokka as we did (also a nice small beach), then it's about a 20-minute walk. Ask locals for directions. There is a large resort on Amanwella by the same name, but it is a public beach so you shouldn't get any flack for enjoying it. When we were there the resort was closed but preparing for its opening at Christmas time, which meant that we had the whole beach to ourselves. But even when the tourists do pour in, there is plenty of beach to go around. Very few tourists (other than the ones booked into the resort) know about this place… so enjoy it while you still can.



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